Mandarin Re Boosts Its Team With Seasoned Underwriting Expert, Arthur Underwood

Mandarin Re Boosts Its Team With Seasoned Underwriting Expert, Arthur Underwood
25 April 2023

Mandarin Re, a global reinsurance company, is delighted to welcome Arthur Underwood, a highly skilled underwriting advisor, to our team. With over 40 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry, Underwood is a seasoned international executive with expertise in underwriting, marketing, and global business development. He has a remarkable ability to structure and underwrite highly profitable and sustainable business, making him an essential member of several executive teams and an advisor to CEOs on corporate vision, global strategy, and profitability objectives.

Underwood has extensive global knowledge of insurance and reinsurance markets, and is well-known among brokers, insurers, and reinsurers worldwide. Throughout his career, Underwood has demonstrated exceptional production and analytical abilities and has been a key player in the success of major international underwriting firms. He has established and managed underwriting units in four different companies, overseeing planning, budgeting, controls and procedures, production, underwriting policies, and human resources.

Prior to his current appointments, he was the Chief Underwriting Officer of Trust International Insurance and Reinsurance Company in Bahrain and the Senior Underwriter as well as Acting Chief Underwriting Officer of ACR ReTakaful MEA, Bahrain. Underwood has also served as the General Manager of Barents Re Afro-Asia (Lebonan), Chief Operating Officer of Saudi Re Cooperative Reinsurance Company (Saudi Arabia), Partner at ReSources (Canada), Co-Head and Non-US Treaty Managing Director at Arch Reinsurance Ltd (Bermuda); Senior Vice President of International Operations at PXRE Reinsurance Company (now Argo Re in New Jersey); and Vice President at F+G Re (New Jersey).

With his wide experience and expertise, Mandarin Re is confident that Arthur Underwood will make a valuable contribution to our company's continued success and growth in the reinsurance industry.